praise for leading the crusade

“A very, very good book. Mark Prince’s call to arms should be heard far and wide”

“When the world of business has been turned on its head, Mark Prince provides a clear plan for how a small motivated team can take on their industry – and win”

“This is what they should be teaching in business schools around the world”

A blueprint for using modern-world thinking to drive business success.

What can a criminal gang teach the business leaders of today?

What connects a bespoke shirt manufacturer with a taxi company?

Leading the Crusade is a new approach to creating a massive business impact in the blink of an eye. Order the e-book now to find out how to lead your own crusade to success!

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After writing Leading The Crusade I started to feel sorry for those large, mature, wandering companies that I encourage the entrepreneur to attack. So I created a collection of thoughts from academics and my practical friends in the Yorkshire business world, on how to defend your mature business!